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silverflux allows you to easily install and manage commercial games on your GNU/Linux system. only games with available GNU/Linux native binaries are supported at this time, but extensions for running games under wine/cedega/dosbox are planned. silverflux automagically installs, downloads patches, and configures games without any required user intervention. it is a truely simplified game management system.

the latest release even provides a simple gui, see screenshots.

the intended audience for this software includes desktop as well as advanced end users.

silverflux was created to fill in the last linux gaming deficiency; the interface between the user and the system. silverflux provides the glue that prevents the user from fumbling with ill-concieved and clumsy game installers (both windows and linux native). instead an advanced user figures out how an optimal installation works then creates an automated script; thus simplifying the installation process for everyone. this is especially important for enabling games on wine where config files often need to be tweaked manually. everyone benefits.

please get started by downloading the latest revision.

silverflux is currently in an alpha state, please file a bug report if you encounter any problems. i will make every effort possible fix problems quickly.

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