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latest revision: 0.6.0

older releases: archive

prerequisites: python 2.3, pyGTK 2.0, bash, unzip, gzip, bzip2, tar (i am sure there are more, please point out anything missing)

all code is either shell or python, which means that the source is the executable and the executable is the source. all code is licenced under the GNU Public License (GPL). this means that you are free to make modifications and use it however you like, but if you distribute your changes, it must also be licensed under the GPL. read the license for complete terms.


1. extract the archive

$ tar zxvf silverflux-0.6.0.tar.gz

2. add silverflux binaries to your path (this is a required step). you will want to add this path to the end of your ~/.bashrc file so you won't have to type this all the time.

$ PATH="$PATH:$PWD/silverflux-0.6.0/bin"

3. start the gui

$ silverflux-gui

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