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how you can help

task 1: i currently have very little in the way of documentation. this should be a simple but fun task and a good resume builder. basically, you would just need to play with the code and write how to use it for someone unfamiliar with it

task 2: you can help immensely by writing simple installation scripts for the games that you like. for inspiration writing your own game install script, study the files in the game scripts directory. if many people contribute, a vast game library can be quickly built. who knows; with this scheme, i think that the simplicity of gaming on GNU/Linux can rival and even surpass that available on windows.

task 3: supporting internationalization. many games support various languages, but i am only supporting English right now. this task would involve adding a way to inteligently make decisions based on the system i10n settings on which language of the game will be installed

if you are interested in any of these tasks, please email me to let me know what you are working on.

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